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“The information that I got in the email course and the wardrobe guides helped me discover new easy to implement style tips and gave me the confidence that I needed to book my first client! I had no idea how much color and appearance affected a person’s decision-making. I thought it would be more complicated and time consuming, but it wasn’t.”

Tiffany Moore

Jewelry Designer & Content Creator

A Note From LaTanya:

“Finding new ways to boost your visibility and attract clients doesn’t have to complicated. If you’re willing to put time and money into creating a visually appealing website or writing emotional sales copy to attract the clients you want, then you know how important appearance is in building trust and credibility. My job is to help you put these pieces together so that clients can’t deny your magnetism. You’ve got the expertise and once you have an image that speaks to your clients and the knowledge of how it works, you can take your business to new heights.” – LaTanya Karla Bailey