Please note that spots are very limited on a first come, first served basis to keep it a highly intimate event so that you get lots of personal attention from me & my team..

Is this workshop for you? Yes, if:


  • You have a service-based online business
  • You are ready to adopt the money mindset of successful entrepreneurs
  • You want to hit $10K months with consistent paying clients in your business
  • You desire to add passive streams of income to make money in your business in a more sustainable way
  • You are looking to combine selling high-end coaching packages with self-study courses/passive income offerings
  • You are tired of feast or famine cycle in your business and want use the evergreen sales funnel to generate income while you sleep
  • You want to know how to convert a cold lead into a buyer without the dreading discovery calls
  • You are committed to master the sales process to work smarter not harder
  • You don’t want to spend a ton on Facebook ads
  • You desire to expand your reach and grow your following at a low cost or even for free
  • You are interested to know how to use the content you have to make money with it
  • You know you need a solid marketing strategy in place to achieve a financial freedom
  • You want to attract your ideal paying clients and get paid what you want

What will you learn at the workshop?


  • My own client-generating system that got me to consistent income and leaving my job in 10 months (and got my clients to $10K+ months)
  • Behind-the-scenes look at my marketing strategy, business structure, sales funnels, and mindset hacks
  • Plug and play “done for you” formula and email templates to generate $10K months
    A complete step-by-step guide on how you can build your own evergreen funnel to convert cold traffic into buyers
  • A proven customizable solid marketing strategy to grow your following fast and make $10K months
  • Clarity around what you need to focus on in the next 90 days to hit your income goals consistently
  • My secret to growing your list for free (even when using Facebook ads!)
  • How to design your high-end packages and your passive income products to generate 5-figure months
  • My personal success & money mindset hacks to stay in high vibration to generate consistent revenue in your business
  • How to be smart and strategic about the content you put out there to generate money with it
  • How to use your unique gifts and talents to build a profitable business

When is the workshop?

August 18th


Where is the workshop?

Secret loft space locations in DC (disclosed only to attendees)


What is included?

Below you can find everything that is included on different levels.
The spots are very limited on each level to keep the event very high touch and personal.
We will not be able to open more spots once the ones below are all gone.
It’s first come, first served basis.



A 2 hour workshop in person in a small group of
like-minded ladies


4 hours in person, incl. a 2-hour mastermind sessionĀ in an even smaller group

Have Questions?

Please email us at latanya@latanyakarla.com with any questions you might have, and we’ll get back to you right away!

See you in DC, Gorgeous!

LaTanya xo