If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is about personal branding, where it came from or why it should matter to you, then I did this episode just for you. In today’s episode, I answer the question, “what is personal branding” and why you need it and I think you’re going to love it.


Why you’ve got to watch today’s episode:


  • You’ve struggling to build visibility and make money in your business
  • If you’re hiding behind by having your business brand at the forefront – why this will not help you to skyrocket your business quickly
  • You want be more intentional about how you show up in the world and position yourself for success
  • You know that building a brand doesn’t have to be inauthentic but you want to know how to uplevel in a way that will get you noticed by your audience


And don’t forget today’s freebie:


It’s too good: a 7 step playbook to positioning your personal brand, ready for you to use immediately. I walk you step by step through each stage of positioning your personal brand. It’s the exact framework that I’ve used with my clients to create a brand identity that stands out while still being true to you.

Take the needed actions steps to craft a message that grabs attention, dissect your long term vision and avoid having a boring brand.

If you want to position yourself as an influencer in your industry, this is a must for you.


Check out these highlights:


    • How to avoid being mediocre in your brand development [3:47]
    • Is you business name important or high priority [6:02]
    • Why I had a hard time booking clients consistently in the beginning and how I changed it [7:24]
    • How influencers like Melyssa Griffin, Melissa Pharr and Nicole Walters have positioned their personal brand to create 7-figure businesses [12:30]
    • The best definition of personal branding that I’ve come across and why it will help you to understand how to look at your brand [17:39]
    • This one step will uplevel your mindset as a business owner [20:14]
    • 3 ways to create more opportunities with your personal brand  [28:15]
    • Creating residual and serendipitous success [31:05]
    • Goldmine: The book that you didn’t know was teaching you personal branding the whole damn time! [32:18]
    • The ultimate reason to brand yourself that has staying power [33:30]


Whew! There were so many nuggets, I could get it to just a few bullets. Great thing is, you have a lot of nuggets to choose from.


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