Today I’m sharing the #1 thing I did to get out of being stuck to upleveling income in my business in the past 90 days. Once I shifted this one thing, everything change and I made more money in my business in 90 days than I did in all of 2016.

I know people get uncomfortable when talking about money but I’m on a mission to change that in my life and the lives of the people I impact. Money is only a tool. Know and believe that what you are offering in exchange for money exceeds the value of the money you get for it. If what you offer isn’t going to increase that lives of the people who pay for it, CHANGE IT NOW. This is how you change your mindset for success.


Why you’ve got to watch today’s episode:


  • You’re wondering why everything you’re doing isn’t working
  • You question whether or not you’ll ever have the business that you desire
  • You want to know what’s missing from your strategy or plan that will help you work smarter


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If you’re ready to eliminate all excuses and make your dream a reality NO MATTER WHAT, that I created this just for you. I believe that all things are possible and if you’re ready to go to the next level in as little as 30 days and skyrocket your income in 2018, then make sure you’re there.


Check out these highlights:

  • Why I reject the “time” excuse when it comes to building your business [2:05]
  • How I changed my mindset to believe that I’m worthy of having what I want [3:01]
  • The importance of getting things done instead of perfect (Hint: done will get you what you want) [5:50]
  • Why knowing your audience well (even if you don’t have one yet) will change everything [9:34]
  • The #1 thing I did to book clients while I was rebranding [14:03]


There were so many great takeaways! I hope that a few of them are just what you need to move forward with your goals and desires.


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