Often times, while online and at events, I hear the terms brand and branding being used interchangeable, which has caused some confusion for people. Is there a difference between brand and branding? Well, the simple answer is YES! There absolutely is a difference but a lot of people don’t quite know what that difference is, and spend so much time creating and re-creating a brand that ends up all over the place.

That’s where this post comes in. In it, I will share the main differences of your brand and your branding. Most importantly, you will learn exactly how they work together.


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So, What Makes A Brand?


To put it simply, one is an emotion and the other is a tool used for marketing purposes. A brand evokes a feeling and branding is its creative juxtaposition. They compliment each other and work closing together, but serve different purposes.

Your brand, on the one hand, is based on what your audience says it is. It’s about what your clients and customers think about who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Consider this scenario. You decide to invest in getting some gorgeous branding done. You get a polished website, beautiful graphics designed, and all your social media platforms are uniform and well organized.


  • Unfortunately, your take days to reply to emails
  • Your customers service sucks. In fact, you’re known to cursing out a customer or two.
  • Twitter battles are no longer a shock.
  • Your courses don’t get results and your customers are sharing their disdain on social media, one post at a time.


You see, it won’t matter how great your website looks or if your have a great logo, gorgeous graphics, etc., if the people you touch have a terrible experience with you.


Your brand is a promise you make to your audience, and you’re making one whether you know it or not. Your audience will come to expect the promise you put out there. Make your brand promise one you can’t break.



The Creative Process Of Branding


As your brand’s visual expression, your branding is like dressing up for a first date. It’s how you visually present your brand to the world. It’s how you differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Some examples of branding elements are:

  • Logo
  • Web design
  • Graphics
  • Your tagline
  • Business card
  • Media kit
  • Content (blog, podcast, videos, emails, social media, etc.)
  • Your email signature
  • Photos and images
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Product packaging
  • Your bio



This Is What You Need To Know About Your Brand vs Branding PIN


Here’s The Jist…


Defining your brand is like a journey through self-discovery. It is built from the inside out. It can take a lot of time, and discomfort but once you’ve nailed your brand promise and narrative, consistency is key.

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What do you think of this week’s post? Do you agree that there’s a difference between your brand and branding? I would love to hear your feedback on this topic.