Have you outgrown your website? Does your DIY design lack personality? If you’re ready to hire a professional website designer to redesign your site, you’ll want to read this first. I’m going to share the most important insider secrets you need to crush your rebrand, so you can have a website that you and your audience love.


5 Insider Secrets You Need To Crush Your Rebrand


So you’ve outgrown your DIY website, and it becomes clear it’s time for a rebrand, but where do you start? With so much to be done in your business, all you want to do once you’ve hired a designer is hand over the reigns until it’s done. It’s one less thing on your plate… for now.

Or you’re the opposite, and want frequent updates throughout the week. You think, “What if she messes up all the hard work I’ve already put in?”

I totally get. This is the visual representation of your business and brand, but neither are the answer.

Handing things over without any inside details only makes for disappointment with the results, even if you’ve hired a talented designer. Micromanaging only stifles the creative mind, preventing your designer from effectively bringing your vision to life.

One of the questions I wished more people would ask is, “What does my web designer need to create my vision, so I can feel confident during the process?”

In this post, I’ve put together the five key things I need from you to create a rebrand that you love. It’s what I ask of every client I work with before the project even gets underway.

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A clear story and vision for the direction of your brand


The first thing I want to know is your story. What is your vision for you rebrand? Before you decide on colors, fonts or even the layout of your website, you need to have a clear story and vision for where you want to go with your brand. This is called your brand’s positioning.

Without a clear positioning of your brand, you WILL find yourself rebranding again and again and again.

If you’ve changed your branding and messaging 10 times this year already, trust me, you’re not alone. Even I’ve had these episodes.

If you don’t know what you do, who you do it for and why, neither will the people who come to your website.

It’s challenging to build an audience or know who your ideal audience or customer is without clear positioning.

It is the foundation.

I think you get it now, but I can’t stress this enough.


Know who your ideal client or customer is


I’m probably beating a dead horse with this one too, because literally EVERYONE says that, “knowing who your ideal client is is super important,” and they’re right.

Now I have my own opinions on when this becomes a priority, but if you are considering rebrand or redesigning your website, you probably want to be clear on this before making a big investment.

If you’re still unsure who you serve and why, then I wouldn’t recommend hiring a professional. This goes back to lack of clarity and the high possibility that in a few months, your site won’t be aligned with what you’re doing anymore.

There are some web designers who will still take your money so be careful. You don’t want your website to feel like a wasted investment.

There have been times where I’ve held off on a project so that the client could work on these foundational pieces first.

When you hire a designer after getting clarity in these areas, you’re sure to have more confidence in the process.


Have copy and images that you want on your website


Great photography can make any site look decent. Getting your website professionally designed and using mediocre images is a tragedy. Even if you just get a few headshots done and use stock photos, your website can go from mediocre to crushworthy.

A few of my favorite photographers for personal branding shoots are Danni of D. Finney Photos, Wendy Yalom, Christine Juette  and Tamzin Smith. I can personally vouch for their creative brilliance:)

Once of the biggest misconceptions about getting a site professionally designed is that the designer also provides the copy. No ma’am.

Web designers design websites and copywriters write copy.

If you want someone to write the copy for your website, you have to hire a copywriter to do so.

The great thing for you is that most designers know that this might come up, so they either have a copywriter in-house or they have a copywriter (or a few) that they collaborate with.

Hiring a designer with these kinds of connections can be a gamechanger – especially if copywriting is not your thing.

Some great copywriters to consider are Shannon Olona, Tepsii Thendo, or if you really want to do it yourself but learn to do it well, check out the Copy Cure by Marie Forleo. It’s one of the best courses out there on writing your own great copy.


Visual inspiration for your website


Now this is the fun part! At the beginning of every project, I have the client create an inspiration board on Pinterest.

In the board, I ask them to pin their inspiration for their brand including:

  • a minimum of 5 logos
  • 5 color palettes
  • 5 patterns
  • and 5 website designs

The great thing about this design homework assignment is that the client get to see what comes out of this pinning session.

By thinking of all the things that come to mind when you envision your brand and pinning them, there’s an excitement that builds. You start to see your vision come to life!

With this board, I can then create a brand board of what your brand identity (logo, fonts, colors, pattern, etc.) will be. The brand board then become the style guide for the rebranding of your website.


Bringing authentic energy and commitment to your project


Though this is not a tangible thing that you need to bring to the process, it is a gamechanger. I chose to include bringing authentic energy and commitment to the list because I’ve seen the difference it makes.

As the designer, I make it my mission to bring the authentic energy of service to every project I do. My goal is to not just create something great for my clients, but to make them feel like they were taken care of and listened to.

When a client comes to the process with the same authenticity and commitment, magic happens.  


5 Insider Secrets To Crush Your Rebrand | LaTanya Karla - Know what you need to do to make sure that your designer brings their A-game. Here's the insider scope from a designer.


A Note About The Branding Experience


As a brand strategist and web designer, I’m just a facilitator of your vision. It’s how I stay in business without creating the same design twice.

No branding experience is the same, or at least it shouldn’t be.

I hope that by reading this post you realize that the creative process of a great redesign or rebrand comes from the client and not the designer. We can only be inspired by the vision that you’ve created.

Every design project is different, and it’s what I love most about designing crush worthy branding and assets for my clients.

With each new client, I have a brand strategy session, where I spend 90-minutes to 2 hours getting to know their brand and who they want to reach.

Not only do I do a deep dive into what they are currently implementing in their content, lead generation and social media, I help them to create an effective strategy plan to reach their audience and prepare for the launch of their new website.


Brand Strategy Sessions Are Now Available?


If you’re ready for a rebrand, contact me to learn more about my creative agency, Lavender District.

Still trying to figure out your audience and brand positioning? No worries! Schedule a time to chat about a Brand Strategy Jam Session to start getting more clarity and confidence in the direction of your brand.

The session includes:

  • A one-on-one strategy planning session
  • Access to “Branding 101” Course
  • And you’ll walk away with a custom prepared strategy plan

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