Every few months, the question “Can women really have it all?” arises, and to tell you the truth…I’m annoyed. I wish we could just all agree that Yes We Can since this is never asked of men. Can we agree that we (men and women) can have all that we desire if we do things in a Certain Way?

In this week’s episode, I talk about what you need to do to ensure that all you desire for you life, business, family, etc., will come to you abundantly.


Why you’ve got to watch today’s episode:


  • You’re working hard in your business and not seeing the results you desire
  • In a job you don’t love and wondering about your next step
  • Struggling to get eyes on your blog, brand, service or product
  • You’re wondering if it’s all possible to have balance or have everything you desire


And don’t forget to check out The Pivot Map:


The Pivot Map is a book written by my friend RM Harrison and it debuts today. I read it over the weekend and I was blown away. This book is a must for anyone in a service-based business, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while. If you feel like you’ve plateaued or that you’ve fallen out of love with your business and you’re thinking about going in a different direction, this is a great read.


This was me in 2016, and I wish I had this book then. I felt lost, overwhelmed, and dare I say – bored. The business I have now, which is very much aligned with what she talks about in the book, is so much more rewarding, doesn’t feel like work and is definitely, more me.


Check out these highlights:


    • The one thing you need to find that can feel like a unicorn [4:29]
    • The setback of 2016 that change the direction of my life and business [6:37]
    • What you need to be specific and clear on to have the life you desire [10:12]
    • Read this to learn how to be in true alignment with your business or brand [15:50]
    • How to find the support you need to achieve your dreams [18:16]
    • What you need to be doing right now and not when you think you need it [22:13]
    • How to change your beliefs and how you think to get more of what you want  [27:37]
    • How to ask yourself empowering questions so you are more open to receiving [31:53]


There were so many great takeaways! I hope that a few of them are just what you need to move forward with your goals and desires.


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