Having productive mornings can change your entire day. You may have to go to a job that you don’t enjoy and getting up in the morning may feel like a drag. Well if this job is what’s funding your dream, then you definitely want to show up.

Developing habits for a great morning that jumpstart your day will come in handy when you are running your business full time. If you want to be ready for life after your 9-5 then your morning habit is a great place to start.

Just think of all the successful people you admire and the morning habit they say contributed to their success. It’s a game changer and will prepare you for greatness.



Download 15 Ideas For Your Morning Routine


Want some fun ideas to kick start you morning and start having more productive day? Download these 15 ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


15 Ideas for the Best Morning Routine


The 5 Ways You Can Start Making Your Morning Epic


Get enough sleep the night before


If you’re not getting enough sleep, I can guarantee that making this change will change your entire outlook on your day. It’s not secret that protecting your energy is essential, but you need to have some first. Make getting enough sleep a priority. Without it you can feel like your day is already a bad one.


Don’t jump on your devices right away


Give yourself time to be present in take in a new day before you start your mind going with email, to do lists and social media.

  • Get active with exercise,
  • Drink a tall glass of water or
  • have some prayer, meditation and journal time.

Having that uninterrupted time can help you to be on your game and ready for the day ahead.


Create a morning routine that is pleasurable


I’ve given some great ideas above that you can start with, but it’s your morning so make your morning routine your own. Ask yourself:

  • What would make my morning more pleasurable?
  • How can I make my day great that is within my control?
  • What kind of energy and vibration do I want my morning to give me for the rest the day?
  • How do I want my ideal morning to look?


Become a morning person


If you’re telling yourself you’re not a morning person, STOP. It really not in honor of the life and new day that you’ve been given. If you hate mornings or don’t think you’re a morning person, change it.

Getting to see a beautiful sunrise at 5am might start to change that. Refer to the previous tip.


Move your body


Last but not least, get your body moving. If you’re still at your job and building a business, then you will thank me once you leave and you already have this habit down pack.

I didn’t make this a priority until after I left my job and had gained 20 pounds in 3 months from lack of exercise and sitting in my home office all day.

Remember the #Freshman10, consider the #Entreprenuer20! It’s real.




Your Epic Life Is Calling


Now that you know why a great start to your morning is essential to your success, it’s time to get on with living better. Start with what you can control.

Start living your ideal life today. It just takes a few simple shifts.


Live Life,