Of the many desires on my vision board for after I left my job, traveling more was one of them. In the past year I’ve taken 4 trips, staying for at least 2 weeks each! One of those trips was to Maui, Hawaii. Maui was a awesome place for reflection and the space I needed in order to be able to have the major breakthroughs that have really changed my life.

I felt that what I got out of my experience should be share, and that’s what this post is all about.




Things Happen When You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Surroundings


There is nothing like getting out of your usual surroundings, going to a beautiful place and being able to open up to your true self and become more of the woman you desire to be.

This was a very special trip for me, not only because I got to spend time with my mentor and mastermind group, but I was also able to free myself from limiting blocks and conditioning that I realize had been holding me back in certain areas of my life for years.

If you’ve never been to Maui or would love a visual revisit, take a journey through this beautiful island and my stay at the Ritz Carlton -Kapalua.



The Game Changing Breakthroughs


While this was an amazing experience for me, I’m always open to sharing what I’m living and learning. And maybe your breakthrough won’t be in Maui… but in Paris or Ibiza. Either way, there is something about taking in God’s beautiful Earth that can create a major shift in your life. These were mine.


Giving myself permission to have what I desire


I know you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with traveling and Maui. EVERYTHING. I almost considered not going. I thought doing so would make me irresponsible and even a bad mother. I felt terrible for getting away to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. Can you believe it!


Unfortunately, as women, we have been conditioned to believe that everyone else comes before us, especially if you have children.

I’ve learned that I can only serve people well, when I’m well taken care of.


I can decide what’s true about my life


By actually getting on the plane to Maui, I began to break down a lie that I had been telling myself. That making myself a priority and taking major action to build my business would make me a bad and neglectful mother. And seeing that I was leaving my child to be there, maybe it was true.


I came back from Maui way less stressed than when I left and totally energized. I had renewed motivation to go for what want for my life and business and my son got a happier mom. That’s priceless!


I am worth having extraordinary success


I didn’t even realized that I didn’t believe I was worth until I was there. I got to ask myself some deep questions that the hustle and bustle that I sometimes get caught up in at home, wouldn’t allow.

When I decide that I was worth it and that the life I was dreaming of was already mine, all I had to do was claim it, everything shifted. I stopped thinking things like whether or not this will be the month that I have to go back to work and starting thinking what my incredible future could look like.

I came back home and had my highest income I’d had in my business up to that point. I wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, I just had to believe that I could.




How Will You Start To Make Your Dream Life A Reality


It’s moments like these that make all the work of building a business worth it. And if this is what you desire for yourself, it can be your reality.

You just need a business that is ready to take the corporate leap with you. The Corporate Exit Before + After Checklist is a great place to start. Download it here.