On any given Sunday evening you can easily scroll through your Instagram or Facebook newsfeed and find meme after meme from people who are not looking forward to Monday morning. You might’ve felt that way yourself. I know I have.

What is it about Monday mornings that give people the blues? Well there are many reasons but there are also many myths?

Changing my mindset and morning routine has been a game changer for me in my business and what helped me leave my job. It is the biggest step I took to start living life in the present and not when it looked the way I wanted it to. You don’t have to wait until you have the perfect life to have great days. In this post, I’ll be sharing these myths as well as ways to beat the Monday morning blues for good.



Download 15 Ideas For Your Morning Routine


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15 Ideas for the Best Morning Routine


The 4 Myths About Why Monday Morning Make You Cringe (Especially If You’re A Millennial!)


Let’s start with what you have been conditioned to believe about those feelings that come up the night before and that Monday morning. We live a world where masculine energy is celebrated and productivity is the way. If you’re not in line with alway being ready to go, go, go then here are some of the things you might hear,


“You’re lazy (The Millennial Lie)”


While this can be true for some it’s not the case for most. It is human nature to want to work hard towards what we want. If you don’t have that desire when you wake up in the morning, it’s time to take a deeper look into why and what can be done about it.


“You’re being dramatic”


There is nothing dramatic about not wanting to live the same monotonous day over and over. There is no joy in that and there is definitely more to life.


“You’re not a morning person”


This is one thing that I wish people would stop telling themselves. You’ve been given another day to live life and you hate mornings? #lovemornings! It’s not given to everyone.

There are simple ways to change this habit and way of thinking to become a morning person. The most successful people in the world get most of their tasks for the day done before noon.


You’re ungrateful


I will say that this one is arguable. Most people could practice more gratitude and would immediately see a shift in how they respond to their day and life. But sometimes it’s deeper than that.

When I was an employee making 6-figures a year, I can tell you that I was grateful for my job and not having to worry about money and paying my bills, but there was still a deep yearning and desire in me to do something that I love. The universe was telling me that I wasn’t living in my purpose. So while I believe gratitude is very important, it shouldn’t be at the expensive of desire.



So, What’s The Real Reason For The Shitty Feeling?


Easy answer. You just reeaally hate your job…or you’re living someone else’s life.


Yes. If your day doesn’t get you excited to get out of bed then it’s not the life you’re meant to live. There is someone out there who is dreaming about your day, just not you. It’s time to look deeper and find out who you’re living for.

Are you trying to maintain a status of having a great life with a lucrative job? Have you gotten the degrees and think you’re crazy to want something else or more after all that work?

God is always correcting our path in the way that we should go. These feelings of dread should not be ignored.


Now, What Do You Do To Change Things?


If you’re ready to change this view of who you are and to take some serious yet simple steps to change things, here are some things to try.


Stop Waiting For Approval or Permission


This is a big one. You have control of your life and what you do with it. So often we try to please our parents, friends, spouse or anyone else you care about us and we don’t want to disappoint.

Unfortunately, doing this only keeps us in a hell that can get suffocating. You have to decide if you’re ready to take the reins and give yourself permission to live greatly.


Start Living Authentically, NOW!


Before making major decisions in your life, ask yourself:

  • What do I truly desire to do?
  • How will choosing this make me feel?
  • Is this in alignment with who I am or who I desire to be?


Choose To Live A Fulfilling Life


Life is in the present. It’s not a someday event. Don’t wait until you leave your job or start a business, meet the right partner, have a baby or retire. Tweet it if it’s real! [click to tweet]



Life comes with it’s own unpredictable twists and turn, so in the meantime and in between time, Live Life!


How Will You Start To Change Your Life?


I’m rooting for you, Friend! I hope that this has helped you start to think of some changes you can make to have better days and beat the Monday morning blues. If one of them is to shed that corporate job and start living what you love by becoming your own boss, then I’d love for you to check out Shed Your Corporate Skin. It’s my mindset coaching program for women who are ready to have a life and career on their terms. If you’re ready to shed the corporate mindset that has been ingrained in you since childhood, the mindset that causes you to question if leaving your job is irresponsible and tells you that corporate = security, then this is for you.