I’m LaTanya.


I’m a 33 year-old human, living in Washington, DC, a business owner, mother of a 2 year old boy and the creator of this blog. In this space I share bits of my life as I experiment with my personal style, figure out parenthood, travel the world and design cool shit online.

Welcome to LaTanyaKarla.com! I’ve curated a blog with you in mind – the creative women who wants to build a brand as an influencer, thought leader or tastemaker in the online space. All while connecting with real people like an authentic, transparent and often vulnerable, human.

Here is where I share everything about personal branding, the things they don’t tell you about business and how to balance being a go-getter with prioritizing family first. This is where you can read my content, watch my videos and join my masterclasses.

My Story


I always knew that I wanted to have massive impact in the world in a creative way, but as an introvert, putting myself out there was a major fear. I also learned the hard way, that if I wanted to have the success that I imagined, I would need a network.

After a stint at a prominent NYC fashion school, I came back to DC with my tail between my legs and over $14k in credit card debt. I felt like a total failure.

But in 2006, I started blogging, and in 2007, I started my first YouTube channel. This was the beginning of me getting over my fears and it’s been an ongoing journey.

On my quest for creative and passionate work, I also started a business as a personal stylist, and I did all of this while in a demanding full-time job. I learned a lot about personal branding through my experience and channeled my love for art and fashion into graphic and web design.

Becoming a mom was the life event that changed everything. I was tired of feeling bad about wanting more. I wanted my time back, and I wanted flexibility. I wanted to be able to stare my baby in the face (all day if I felt like) and not worry about the next meeting or appointment I needed to go to.

So I decided, while on maternity leave, to go all in on my goal of running my own business full-time, and set an exit date for my job. It wasn’t easy balancing it all (work, life,  baby, business) but I did it because I wanted this for my life, and my life truly depended on it.

Now I create stylish brands for creative women like me who want to stand out as an influential voice online with purpose and through authentic human connection.

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